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MS Organisations

MS Australia

MS Australia (MSA) provides a national voice for people living with multiple sclerosis, as well as information and advice, services and support and a platform to share your MS stories. MSA collaborates with state MS Organisations. It also works closely with MS Research Australia, who fund research into prevention, better treatments and a cure for MS.


Established for people living with multiple sclerosis in NSW, ACT, Victoria and Tasmania, MS offers a range of helpful resources and support, including an online service compass and toll free information line.

MS Queensland

MS Queensland offers a wide range of services and support, including accommodation listings, employment advice, counselling and financial advocacy, as well as workshops and webinars.

The MS Society of SA and NT

The MS Society of SA and NT provides a broad selection of information, advice and support, including a dedicated telephone information service, peer support groups, education sessions and a specialist employment agency.


MSWA provides a wide variety of support and services to people with multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions. It offers a full range of clinical support, from physiotherapy and dietetics to counselling and supported accommodation.