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It’s essential to keep having your eye injections to maintain your vision and your independence

In the current COVID-19 environment, eye injections for age-related macular degeneration are considered essential medical treatment.

This means you should still attend your scheduled injection appointments. It’s critical that you do not skip or cancel your appointments, or you may put your vision at risk. 

Your eye doctor will have extra precautions in place at the clinic to help keep you safe. If you have any concerns about your ongoing treatment, you should contact your eye doctor immediately.

For more information, call the 
Macular Disease Foundation Australia 
helpline on 1800 111 709

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The Macular Disease Foundation Australia (MDFA) and Novartis Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd are working together on the common goal to raise awareness of age-related macular degeneration in the community and to provide support for the patients and their caregivers. See What’s Next is a disease information website developed by Novartis. By supporting this initiative, the MDFA is not endorsing any specific treatment or therapy.

AMD: age-related macular degeneration.

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