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Managing your wet AMD


When you have wet AMD, you’ll most likely need regular eye injections to maintain your vision. In between your eye injections, it’s important to monitor your vision.

The Amsler grid is a simple test that you can use to check for changes in your vision. It’s important to use the Amsler grid at least once per week or as directed by your eye doctor. For best results, always perform the test at the same time of day. This will help you stay on top of any changes in your vision.

If you do notice any changes – don’t wait for your next appointment. Call your eye doctor right away.

Using the Amsler grid

Once a week, or as directed by your eye specialist, follow these simple steps:

1. Put on glasses, if you normally wear them for reading, and have the grid at eye level.

2. Sit or stand approximately 30 cm (1 foot) away, or at your usual reading distance.

3. Cover one eye, and with the other eye, focus on the centre dot.

4. Look to see if any lines are wavy, distorted, or missing.

5. Record your results.

6. Repeat with the other eye.

7. If the lines appear wavy or bent, or there are dark or empty spaces in the graph, tell your doctor right away.

amsler grid

TIP: You can also use what’s around you to check your vision, like your curtains, a painting, or your bathroom tiles. If anything seems unusual when looking at these objects, contact your eye doctor immediately 

Home Vision Support Pack
Ask your eye doctor to send you a Home Vision Support Pack. It contains extra tools and resources to help you manage your wet AMD from the comfort of your home.

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AMD: age-related macular degeneration.

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