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5 simple tips to a safer home 

Simple changes can make a big difference

When you have wet AMD, navigating your home can become a challenge. If the centre of your vision is impaired, you may need to find ways to help you safely walk downstairs, set an oven timer or avoid bumping into your coffee table. 

Here are 5 simple ways to make your home safer:

Use contrasting colours
If your kitchen is painted white, use a different colour paint to outline electrical outlets and light switches, or use a piece of coloured tape in the same area. In the living room, place a brightly coloured throw or cushion at each end of the couch. You can also line the edge of stairs with brightly coloured tape or paint.


Add lighting
Change to brighter bulbs and add lights, such as a lamp with a long, flexible neck.


Install knobs in contrasting colours
Visit a home supply store or website to find knobs to contrast kitchen appliances and cabinets throughout your house.


Create large-print labels
Using a sticky note or another type of adhesive paper, make new labels in bright colours and with larger print for things like medicine bottles, spice containers and the folders you use for financial and medical records. Print emergency contact lists in a large size type.

large print

Clean out clutter
Donate things you no longer use to charity and try to keep what remains minimal. Assign everything a place and try to return everything to its spot right after use.

clutter icon small

These are some fast and easy changes you or your carer can make to improve the safety of your home. For a more detailed, room-by-room guide to adapting your home for living with wet AMD, read on.

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For more information and resources on AMD,
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The Macular Disease Foundation Australia (MDFA) and Novartis Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd are working together on the common goal to raise awareness of age-related macular degeneration in the community and to provide support for the patients and their caregivers. See What’s Next is a disease information website developed by Novartis. By supporting this initiative, the MDFA is not endorsing any specific treatment or therapy.

AMD: age-related macular degeneration.

References: 1. Optometry Australia. 2019 Clinical Practice Guide for the diagnosis, treatment and management of Age-Related Macular Degeneration. 2. Macular Disease Foundation Australia. The Journey to See: A Model for Success.